Saturday, 16 April 2016

Raindrops keep falling on my head - Day 25

Today was the wettest day we have had. I guess you could say you know you have had a holiday in the UK when you collect two new umbrellas in one day! We started off with a tour inside Tower Bridge, which has a glass floor on the overhead pedestrian walkway, and an engine room tour when you can look at all the old steam engines that used to power the mechanism to open and close the bridge. An absolutely fantastic tour, for the three of us it cost £23 and also includes a tour of the monument to the fire of London which we will do another day,

After this we took a boat down the Thames to Greenwich where we did a tour of the observatory where there is a great history on time keeping and navigation.We did the obligatory photo shoots over the prime meridian.  Whilst we were there Emma saw her first squirrel, it was quite tame and let us get reasonably close before it darted off.. I really liked the observatory tour, such a pity it was a wet day as the grounds around it are beautiful. There is also the Maritime museum but that will unfortunately have to wait for a future London visit.

After the visit here to Greenwich we headed back into London and got to Kings Cross station to find the Harry Potter shop and platform 9 3/4 display. We eventually found it,  then queued to have Emma's photo taken (we though this would take about 10 minutes, oh how wrong we were...). The line to have your photo taken with the trolley sticking out of the wall wasn't actually that long, but was so poorly time managed it took over an hour to get to the front of the line. After this we just grabbed some quick dinner at the Giraffe Burger place about 40m walk from the Harry Potter shop. We had planned to go to Spitafields markets for dinner but were just to exhausted so we settled on the first thing we saw with a table.

Tomorrow we are off to the Harry Potter Studio tour.

We are online, ops I mean "on the line"

Squirrel pretending to be a meerkat to distract us.

Someone at the Ministry of Silly Road Signs has a wicked sense of humour.....

City Wok, City Spice and now City Cruise ! (it wasn't city at all, was quite good)

Engine room

Boiler room

View over the city

Cutty Sark

Tower Bridge glass floor.

For an hours wait and 15 Pounds we got to do this !