Monday, 28 March 2016

Coffee Report - Day 7

Leaving Roma today. Details of that will be covered in the daily report. I was up at 6 to make sure everything was competed, so went out to out local cafe for my fix. There was a different barista today, however the coffee was just as good and as a bonus she spoke perfect English so ordering was a breeze.

We are sitting in a cafe at Termini railway station waiting for our train departure time (in 2 hrs time), so we grabbed a seat here and ordered a few coffees here. Railway station coffee at home can be dodgy, but it was made perfectly here.

Unlike cuppiccino at home, here it doesn't get sprinkled with chocolate.

The coffee bar in Termini

The finished product

Ahh, coffee selfie

This place is Nutella crazy, it's in *everything* here. It did originate from Italy I believe.

3 coffees, 2 croissants and a muffin, €11.30