Saturday, 26 March 2016

Today's Coffee Report

We have had a few massive (and eventful) days, so today we just had a bit of a lazy morning in the apartment.

I had to find a local bar for coffee since I couldn't grab one on the run. Literally less than 150 metres from the apartment I found a cafe. Not really surprising, they are of course everywhere.

They do decent sized takeaways too, you just need to ask, it would seem that just few people ever ask for them. Their stack of cups was small compared to home.

I had my order in google translate all prepared, but of course the barista spoke perfect English. The coffee was excellent.

Cost for two medium cups was €7

I walked down to this corner

Turned corner and found Caffe Lembro

View down the street

The coffee cup

Ahh, the Coffee.

Caffe Lembro