Sunday, 27 March 2016

Day 5 Dinner

We have been meaning to try the little restaurant across the road, and tonight we did. The tiredness is catching up a little and no one felt like venturing out much anyway.

And when I say across the road, I could also really say on the other side of the lounge room, as here the street is so narrow and our door opens directly onto the footpath.

Emma and Sue stayed at home whilst Sharon, Paul and I went out. Sharon and Paul both had Farelle pasta with boscioloa sauce, I had a steak (first one in over a week). The restaurant was excellent value, one of the cheapest we have been to here. Had a real rustic feel to it and looks like they get more locals than tourists. Wine was a nice house red.

We will likely go there again tomorrow as Emma is keen to try it but was too tired tonight.