Thursday, 31 March 2016

Rapporto di Caffè - Day 10

Horror of horrors, I almost thought there would be no coffee report this morning, as we had to meet up at 7.25 for a bus tour and I had a feeling nothing would be open at 6.40 when I ducked out to grab my coffee hit.

If this had been the case, I did have a backup option, yesterday at the supermarket i noticed they had tinned espresso coffee. I first discovered these nuggets of tinned black gold when I was in Asia (they are hugely popular there. In Japan vending machine dispense them either hot or cold). I was somewhat surprised to find them here in Europe, and unlike the ones you find in Australia that are imported from Asia, these ones are made here in Europe. 

I headed out the door and as I feared, my local was closed, but my second choice was open, so I tried them this morning. Slightly bigger takeaway cups. It would seem even the birds in Florence need their daily coffee, as I was waiting a small bird flew into the cafe and parked itself on a table.

Headed home, quickly worshipped at my coffee nook again and headed inside to consume the delicious beverage and get ready for the day.

Conclusion ? Great coffee as expected, but I preferred the ones from my local around the corner. Slightly more expensive at €6.50 for the three items.

The cafe for today.

Bird queuing up to place an order

Bird feeling right at home 

The order, waiting to pay for it

The nook.....

The backup option. Better than you might think.

Getting picked up for our tour