Monday, 21 March 2016

To Finland and Beyond !

Today is our longest flight, 10 hours to Helsinki, thankfully in business class and during the day (I really don't like night flights).

Finnair Business has been awesome, really comfortable, great entertainment (Bose noise cancelling headphones included) and sensational food. I haven't been drinking much alcohol lately with the fitness program I've been on (Hello 100 Candles!) but today had to be the exception. When offered French Champange upon boarding an airplane, the only acceptable answer is Yes!

Also great having a Finnish friend (Hello Sanna!) who suggested I try the Finnish rye bread, which of course was delicious. As a bonus with free internet I got this advice in real time.

Currently sampling a special Finnair cocktail, "Blue Sky" which is a blueberry liqueur, with French Champange topped with blueberries.

At the moment I wouldn't even mind if this flight was longer :-)

And a free plug for my friend Pete who runs 100 Candles that I mentioned before. Really nice friendly fitness programs in the Sutherland Shire :-