Thursday, 21 April 2016

All Planes Lead to Rome - Day 30

Not exactly an exciting day, just final packing, an airport transfer, waiting for a flight, flight to Rome and then hotel check in.

Car was due to pick us up at 9.45 am, and he was exactly on time. We didn't have anything prebooked by the time we had got to London and I wasn't happy with the options the apartment company offered (basically just calling us a couple of black cabs) and with all the luggage I wasn't going to risk the Tube, so I checked trip advisor and the top of the list was Tony's company, sliver fleet. as he had a near perfect rating on Trip Advisor, I booked through him. If you are in London and need a transfer check out his web site, I would book through him again next time I'm in London.

I can see why he has a great rating, great spacious and clean Mercedes people mover van, arrived on time and very friendly. He managed to Tetris all our luggage in (with room to spare) and soon we were on our way to terminal 5 at  Heathrow for our flight to Rome. Traffic was pretty good and were there with plenty of time to spare. I was a bit nervous checking in the mountains of luggage, but I'd prepaid one additional bag and it all got accepted with no hitch. This is our only economy leg, so nothing to worry about with luggage tomorrow.

We had lunch at the airport, got on the plane and after 2.5hrs was is Rome. Quite a bit warmer here, and this terminal where British airways landed was a lot nicer than the one where Finnish airways landed when we arrived a month ago.

We are only in Rome overnight to get our flight to Bangkok via Helsinki, so we are in the Hilton at the airport. Not a bad place, comfortable and restaurant is ok.

Checking out involved putting keys in the letterbox 

Luggage Tetris 

Terminal 5

Waiting for lunch

Sue ordered the biggest meal she has ordered the entire holiday

Giraffe cafe in terminal 5

Emma found these unusual tic tacs. They do taste a bit like popcorn 

Nice afternoon flying into Italy 

Transfer train at airport 

Hotel room

Bread with dinner 

Only place I've seen in Italy that provided butter with the bread

My salad for dinner 

Paul's pizza

Sharon's seafood pasta

Emma's Chicken dinner (it was a winner)