Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Final British Coffee Report

Last coffee report from the UK for today. I went out just before 8 and was praying to the coffee gods that Bellboi was open (the cafe with the Aussie Barista). It wasn't, the shutters will still down so I resigned to the fact my last UK coffee would be from Costa. 

We were all packed up and our car to the airport arrived on time and after just over an hour we were at Heathrow checking in for our flight to Rome. 

Having lunch at Giraffe in Terminal 5 whilst we wait. Paul had a coffee which he rated as good. The costa coffee was massive and I was still buzzing from that hit so passed on this opportunity for another coffee.

Tomorrow will be another Italian coffee report !

I guess the thing that surprised me most about coffee in the UK is that it was way better than any coffee I had in France.