Monday, 25 April 2016

Final coffee report for the Holiday

I was going to publish this one last night once we got on the plane, but the Emirates satellite internet connectivity wasn't working, so I had 9 hours without internet. Oh the horrors.

Breakfast was included in our room rate for the second day, so it was another automated coffee from the machine in the hotel, however the machine I used yesterday was out of service and I used the other one. That explains why yesterday mornings one was horrible. Today's was fine for machine made.

After packing and before being picked up to go to the airport, we went down to the MBK Centre to do some last minute trinket shopping. The Centre was packed and the only cafe with room for 5 was Starbucks (Doh!) so had to have my ice coffee there. Thankfully their iced stuff is better tasting than their hot coffee.

We got picked up, checked into the Emirates lounge at the airport (it's a fantastic lounge). They have a coffee machine, so I tried it out. Not bad, better than my morning brew.

Coffee Machine in the Lounge

Lounge Coffee

Cold starbucks