Saturday, 23 April 2016

Switching Continents - Hello Asia !

We added 2 nights to the journey home to break it up a little and see a tiny bit of Thailand. We booked a three bedroom apartment at the Somerset Lake Point in Bangkok. Our flight arrived on time, we went through customs / immigration super quick and were thinking about how to get to the apartment as we had no transport pre booked. Was very very humid as you would expect Thailand to be, the pool at the hotel is sounding better by the minute.

We noticed a "Luxury" taxi transfer desk, so asked about that. Transfer for the 5 of us plus our luggage worked out at about AUD$40, plus a few dollars in tips for all the people who loaded on our luggage. Took about an hour to get there, no hassles at all. Didn't get hassled by any dodgy people here either like we did in Italy or Paris. Converted the last of our pounds and euro cash monies on hand into Bhat and off we went.

After checking in to the Apartment / Hotel, we had a bit of a rest. The apartment is massive, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, washer/dryer etc. Its a little dated but clean and comfortable with an excellent pool. The room was a great bargain (especially compared to Europe), two nights including breakfast for about A$450

After a rest we took the hotels tuk tuk death machine up to the Asok station, then got off at Siam and checked out the "Paragon" shopping mall, where we grabbed some lunch, then did a bit of looking around. This was a very up market mall, they had shops selling BMW, Bentley, Lamborghini etc.

After a bit of shopping we came back to Asok, did some more shopping in the Station 21 shopping mall then came back and went to the Thai restaurant in the hotel for dinner.  

View from our apartment in the hotel

Emma bought a bag at H&M

My morning breakfast on the plane

In our transfer van on way to the hotel.

Seat belt laws more relaxed here. Just before I took this pick we were doing 120KPH on the motorway.

Apartment has 4 aircon units

The hotel

Shopping. I'll take 3 please.

About the only thing I could probably afford and its still A$3000

Wiring mess everywhere

Earthed sockets, earthed plugs but they don't 100% match. Zero safety

I prefer to dispose of it......

Metro station

Pineapple juice. Delicious

Curries, curries and more curries.

BBQ chicken.