Friday, 22 April 2016

Coffee Report from Thailand

First coffee today was on the plane at who knows what hour in the morning, probably something like 2am or 3am London time which my brain was still set to, so it helped me wake up before they started doing all the landing prep. Once in Bangkok we got straight into a transport car and got to the hotel, so that was actually the only coffee I had until later this afternoon.

We were getting a few things from the little store in the apartment complex, and of course being in Asia they had plenty of coffee in a can ! so I bought some of these cold gold nuggets. I had one as soon as we got upstairs, nice and cold with a little sweetness. I can understand why they are so popular here, they are just perfect for a coffee hit in this climate.

Ahh, cold coffee on a humid hot day (about 35c)

Breakfast & coffee. Lingon berry and Apple yoghurt.

Its true, its coffee.

Essential supplies