Sunday, 24 April 2016

Bangkok Markets and Shopping

On our last full day of holidays, we decided to go out to the Chatuchak markets, which were only about 8km from our hotel, which was just a 2
Minute ride in a Tuk Tuk death machine the a few stations on the BTS skytrain. It's a very cheap system, 5 one way tickets is about $4.50

Emma was still really tired from the jet lag so she stayed at the hotel with Paul, had room service for lunch and had a nice quiet day. Sue, Sharon and I headed up to the markets, and they truly are massive, biggest ever that I've seen. Mostly undercover but not air conditioned so it was quite hot and sticky. I needed yet another case but didn't get one here as they were crappy quality and not super cheap anyway. Unfortunately somewhere along the way Sue lost her sunnies. 

We bought a few things, mostly for Emma, had a few cold drinks and headed back to the hotel. After picking up Emma and Paul we went to the MBK shopping center where I found a great suitcase at Tokyu department store, Sharon and Emma bought some clothes and stuff. We then had dinner in the international food hall.

Interesting concept, they give you a smart card, you make selections and swipe the card, go to a table, someone takes the receipt and gets your food for you. When leaving the food court you pay what is on the card. Dinner for the three of us was less than A$40, including alcohol.

Us on a Tuk Tuk 

Our Tuk Tuk death machine

Entrance to the market and park

The markets 

Emma with some of the loot we got her


The food court

Some traffic lights have a count down to indicate when they will go green or red