Sunday, 17 April 2016

Coffee fail - Day 26

I knew coffee this morning was going to be difficult. We were leaving before 9 to get a train out to Watford Junction station to get to the Harry Potter studio tours. Its truly out in the sticks in London terms, way past zone 3 even, and also outside zone 8, its a "special fare", so we had to move pretty quickly. 

I went outside at 7.30 and of course my first choices were closed, so I had to have a look at Costa or Pret, and both of those were closed too,  so I went back upstairs and had a cup of tea and thought I'd get one on the way our out at Harry Potter. When we got to the studio, the only option available was Starbucks.


Needed coffee badly so bought one anyway, and its exactly as I remember Starbucks. It was scalding hot and the coffee was both weak and burnt at the same time. The Pret coffee is positively delicious compared to this rubbish.

Right near our apartment. Closed

Down Bethnel Green Lane


SB at HP