Thursday, 7 April 2016

Liberté, Equalité, Café - Day 17

Another glorious morning here in Paris, and the view from the apartment is still amazing, no one has taken the Sacre-Coeur away overnight and some amazing reflections from the glass windows which unfortunately don't come out well in the photographs. 

I headed out about 8am for my fix, and took the staircase, which like the lift is quite narrow. I'm still not sure how the manage to get appliances and furniture into these apartments. I got our coffee from the local cafe under our apartment. The way we are going the next apartment will have the cafe in the actual apartment itself.

I ordered my coffees, Sharon switched from cappuccino to cafe au lait. Got takeaway this time. The sugar at the cafe is now in cubes and was stored in a cool pac man like container. The takeaway cups were the paper and don't come with lids. The apartment has two security doors to navigate past before you even get to the lift, the coffee was molten hot today and I was starting to burn my hands just getting past the first door (there is no nook...) so I had to phone Sharon to come down and help me with the rest of the journey getting the coffee into the apartment.

The coffee was hot and nice, but there is still no competition, Italy is blitzing it in the tour-de-cafe.

Consistent takeaway methods haven't arrived in Europe yet, the strangest was Venice for sure (coffee in beer cups). That's one area where we do a fantastic job at home, I don't have to go to starbucks to get a takeaway. Tomorrow I think I'll have my coffee at the bar, its a far more engaging experience and I wont burn my hands :-) 

I still love this view, and the coffee improves it.

The timber apartment stairs

Pacman sugar.

No nook for you

The second door that needs a code to be opened

When apartments are small people come up with creative ways of storing their stuff.