Saturday, 2 April 2016

Rapporto di Caffè - Day 12

Today is my last coffee report from Florence (sigh...), but with that comes the excitement of a new coffee adventure in Venice starting tomorrow. Stress levels elevated with the thoughts of packing, transfers and pickpockets so I only slept lightly and got up at 6.30. Waited till 7.00 before heading out to stock up on euro cash monies and grab my coffee. Sharon had her coffee delivered to her in bed, talk about excellent service :-)!

It was warm yesterday but it was a nice refreshing cool this morning outside, wonderful to step out from the centrally heated apartment into the cool. At the cafe they were still in the process of setting up so I think I actually got the first two coffees made for a customer this morning. Different barista yet again, but coffee still excellent.

Last night after dinner Paul and I ordered an espresso each (according to the Italian coffee "rules" ordering a cappuccino after 10am is a coffee sacrilege, however they truly don't mind at restaurants, as you are spending money regardless).  The coffee was smooth and rich with a wonderful crema on top. I'm not normally a fan of straight espresso but it really hit the spot right after dinner.

Something I forgot to add to one of my previous coffee reports, when we were at the Leonardo museum the other day, we ordered milk coffee at lunch, but the place had already run out of milk. I thus tried ordering a "shaker" coffee instead but he said they had also run out of ice. That cleared up that, as I had no idea what a shaker coffee was, it turned out to be an ice coffee. I did think for a moment is may have been a double or triple shot espresso that would give you the shakes..

It's Sue's birthday today, so happy Birthday Sue !!

Coffee report in the making !

Last nights espresso. I didn't add the sugar.

A photo from the perspective of the nook.

My last use of the coffee nook. Will the next apartment inhabitants realise its divine purpose ?