Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Boats and Books - Day 21

Today was our last full day in Paris, even though the weather has been a little patchy we have had an awesome time, the food has been spectacular, even if I though the coffee here was decidedly average compared to what I was expecting. Sharon wanted to do two things before we said goodby to Paris, one was a river cruise on the Seine, the other was a visit to Shakespeare and Company which is an English language bookshop in Paris. Both were excellent ideas.

As it was such a crappy day, we didn't head out early, and I had time to get my coffee and do my coffee report for the day. We had our boat tour booked with Batobus, we did it online, but could have just showed up and paid for the tickets there. We went down to the Seine via the metro to the Louvre and walked across it to the Batobus stop, hopped on and did a cruise up and down the river before getting off at Notre Dame. Its 800 years old, has fantastic stained glass windows.

After a good look around there, we had lunch at one of the many cafes in the area, and I had one of the best burgers I've ever tasted. If it had had a slice of beetroot it would have been total perfection. After lunch we headed off to the Shakespeare and Company bookstore. Even if you are only remotely interested in books, if you are in Paris go to this store. Its an amazing bookstore, it would be amazing in any country that spoke English, but to think its literally in the heart of the francophile world in the centre of Paris makes it all the more incredible. We bought a few books and would have bought more if not for the luggage limitations. 

By this time it was pouring rain, which gave us a good excuse to spend longer in the book store, when the rain had died down we headed back to the boat for another short cruise before heading back to the apartment via the Moulin Rouge for a quick photograph. Its only a 10 minute walk from where we are staying here near the Sacre-Coeur. We had a bit of a chill out, I put my clothes in the washing machine as a bird shat on me at some point. Sharon copped one in Rome, Emma one in Venice and now I've copped it in Paris. Damn those flying rats.

We packed up some of the loads of touristy crap we have accumulated so we are ready for tomorrow, then headed out for dinner. Yet another awesome meal in Paris, and the deserts were just amazing. After coming back, Sharon started packing the other bags and I took Emma out to see the Eiffel tower at night with Paul and Sue since the weather had now cleared up and it was a fantastic night. Luckily we went out when we did, as its started raining again.

Loving France and The French, but love to take the piss out of them too. Sharon discovered this book for me, I just *had* to buy it,

My morning coffee

Been using this Paris metro app which tells us how to get around. Been 100% invaluable. Paris metro is awesome, within 500m of this apartment there are three different metro stations, if not more.

We changed lines at Concorde station, every single tile on the wall is a letter.

One of the many boat cruises on the Seine.

Notre Dame

Lunch time

Emma and Sharon with the haul of books

Outside the Moulin Rouge

Where we had dinner tonight.

My steak. No lack of protein on this trip.

Sharon had Salmon

Emma had chicken

Paul had mussels. 

There were a few dozen in the pot. It turned into a midden !

Sharon's dessert. Fantastic chocolate melting cake.

Emma's Nutella crepe.

Paul's tart tartin

A few of our night shots at the tower.

Right under the centre of the tower.