Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Rapporto di Caffè - Day 15

The hotel I'm staying at had an included breakfast in the rate, and could be had via room service. Of course in the way things work here in the morning nothing was delivered and the request still hung over the door. Good excuse to try the buffet breakfast.

No cappuccino for you!!

The room actually does have in room coffee and tea making facilities, but as I've said before instant coffee in Italy is classified as a food crime.

I'm all packed and super early as is my usual MO, so off I go searching for breakfast.

Hotel corridor, could be any hotel anywhere in the world. Like airports they all look the same.

The restaurant is actually in the basement so down I go and survey the food situation, lots of nice looking things, so I settle on yoghurt and pineapple juice. Looking for the coffee and a cold chill hits me, is this the only option!! Have I died and gone to coffee hell (stuck in Italy with drip coffee?), added to the effect is the knowledge I've decended below ground.

After about 30 seconds of that depressing realisation, the coffee gods offer up redemption, in the distance I hear the unmistakable whirl and swish of an espresso machine in action. Music to my ears at this time of day. Looking around the corner there is a coffee angel operating the machine and she agrees to make me a coffee and bring it to my table. A nice brew too, hot, strong and a fantastic froth on top. Delicious. 8/10.

Banana yogurt was ok too.