Monday, 18 April 2016

Ministry of Coffee, Report - Day 27

Yay! a really nice looking day in London today, still below 10c, but nice none the less. Still can't get over how low in the sky the sun still in in the middle of spring here. As its Sunday, all the cool hispter coffee places are either closed all day or don't open to after 11, so for coffee I have to rely on the chain stuff. I've had Pret a few times, I'm not touching StarBucks so the only option is Costa.

Luckily its right outside our building, so not far to go at all. They also have a proper machine, and a Barista there looks like she knows what she is doing. Coffee is made, and I get the strangest takeaway device I've ever seen.

Coffee was acceptable, but nothing spectacular. At least is wasn't burnt like the shite I was served at Harry Potter Cash Extraction World. At the British Museum, I had another coffee, and my first scone here in the UK. I guess I should have really had tea, but needed another coffee. Was quite nice, but I think the Costa one this morning was actually better.