Friday, 15 April 2016

Ministry of Coffee, Report - Day 24

I learnt from my experience yesterday and waited till after 8am before heading out for my coffee. This time, rather than heading toward Shoreditch High Street (a right turn exiting the apartment), I turned left to head toward Brick Lane (where all the curry places are).

We passed two possible coffee places last night heading towards Brick Lane, so thats why I chose this direction today. First one looked OK, but decided to check the second one as well, It looked good, so in I went.


I spoke to the guy there, he spoke back to me and I thought I'm onto something good as he had and Aussie accent. Sure enough, he is an Aussie, and from Melbourne. I think I've hit a vein off coffee gold, COFFEE-C..... as they might say. Had a bit of a chat about life coffee and everything and placed my order.

I ordered a cap for me, and a latte for Sharon, and just look at the latte, a small cup of pure perfection. You just know its going to be good when its made like this. I also got takeaway lids and a tray.

My Melbourne barista making me a coffee. Happy Days !  London prices though.....

Check them out at

The cap was great too, made just as I'd expect. Best coffee I've had since leaving Italy, and to be honest the best one since leaving Australia.