Thursday, 14 April 2016

Ministry of Coffee, Report - Day 23

Tally Ho! chappies, its a jolly good day here in ol' Blighty, so how about a decent pot of tea (I mean coffee) to start the day. 

When we first arrived yesterday we had a look around Shoreditch, and I really like the coffee outlook, the place is hipster central, and where there are hipsters there is always good coffee. There was a great looking place opposite that I flagged to check out, and there is also a cat cafe, but unfortunately they don't open till 11am, so it wasn't really an option for me in the morning. But we have booked in for next week.

I head out at about 7.40am, and even though its got that air of familiarity about it, its not Sydney or Melbourne and (at least in this part) the only things open are the large coffee chains. I walk a couple of hundred meters and note that there are no small coffee bars like at home (or open) and almost no one is carrying takeaway as they scuttle off to work. So I keep wandering. At 8am things improve and in a side street I find the "Albion"  a hip artisan baker and food store that does coffees (with proper espresso machines too). Place my takeaway order, that comes in proper takeaway cups with a tray.

Its a great coffee, so we are off to a great coffee start in the UK. I just have to adjust my timing a little, won't go out till after 8am tomorrow.

Awesome menu at the cate cafe

The cafe across the road I wanted to try