Sunday, 10 April 2016

Liberté, Equalité, Café - Day 19

It was Saturday morning here and we wanted to get out by 8.30am to get to Versailles to see the palace (it's at least 40 min on the train system), so I was out before 8am to get a coffee. Unfortunately my downstairs cafe was closed, so I looked for something else (carrying my portable nook with me). I was sightly concerned as everything was completely closed, even the cafes that are labeled as "non stop", they do actually stop. The situation seemed even more dire than Venice last Sunday.

Even the large coffee chains around here like "costa" and "organic" were closed, I was about to, err, surrender (and no, I'm not giving up on that meme for some time, its just too funny), but I turned a corner and found one where there was a lady sitting at a table outside with an espresso. I walked over, went in, at first I didn't think she was too happy to have a customer, however she happily took my order (that I placed in super bad French) and even MacGyvered up a tray to help me with the takeaway cups. As a bonus, it was even better than the coffee from the cafe downstairs.

We then headed off to Versailles. It was cold and wet, after a few hours of walking around the palace I was desperate for another coffee and something to eat, and we noticed they had an "Angelina" cafe, just like we had at the Louvre. I had a coffee and Croque-Monsieur, which was totally delicious. I think the fact that I was cold and tired made it even better.

Coffee at Angelina

My First morning coffee

This is what a $25 toasted ham and cheese sandwich look like.....

The morning coffee